Past Events

National Chinese KungFu Culture and Wellness Expo : Oct 20: 2018

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Nov 11, 2017 – Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu (Martial Arts) Federation 30th Anniversary Banquet

Nov 12 – Master Chiwai Lee seminar: Our next seminar will be held on November 12th (only one month away) at North Star Elementary in Mississauga. Attendance is $250 per person if pre-registered, and $300 at the door. Check out our event landing page for more information, including seminar topics and location.

Nov 8 – Guang Dong TV show performance 《Dream FM Musical 聲夢情緣 》 : CCKSF is supporting Guang Dong TV on Nov 8 evening after the show. There are 6 sponsorship tickets ($200 each) and 4 VIP tickets ($68 each), please support CCKSF to participate in this Cantonese cultural event. The Toronto GuangDong TV channel will interview CCKSF after the event. Please contact Derek Cheung 647-924-9888 for all tickets and details or Chiwai Lee at 416-830-6288.


September 2016: The 27th Annual Canadian National Kungfu Championship registration is now available.
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